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Brian Wise

Brian Wise, M.D. Brian was born and raised in South Carolina. He had the benefits of being raised in a small city where you knew all of your neighbors and had a strong sense of community. He attended a small liberal arts school in South Carolina where he got his B.A. in Philosophy and English and B.S. in Psychology. He then spent a short stint in graduate school for Philosophy before taking a big career change and getting his Masters of Public Health degree at Columbia University. Returning to his roots, he received his medical degree from University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He completed his residency in adult psychiatry and fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at University of Colorado. He has been part of a small international work group, led by Bob Emde, charged with the first revision of the Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood - the only developmentally informed diagnostic classification system for early childhood. Additionally, under the supervision of Bob Harmon, he has worked at the Kempe Center Therapeutic Preschool for abused kids.

Currently, he is in a research fellowship with the Developmental Psychobiology Research Group at University of Colorado working with David Olds on his nurse home visit preventive program. Additionally, he has maintained a commitment to public health as he provides clinical services for the Mental Health Corporation of Denver. He has given national and international presentations on assessment and diagnoses in early childhood. He currently serves as a consulting editor for the Journal of Infant Mental Health and is on the Infants and Preschool Committee for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Brian K. Wise, MD, MPH
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Developmental Psychobiology Research Fellow
Zero to Three Solnit Fellow
Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health
1825 Marion Street, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80218-1122

Office: (719) 487-7943

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