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Please be aware of your privacy rights as a patient. Below is a copy of the HIPAA privacy statement:

You are entitled to receive information about the method of therapy, techniques used, anticipated duration of treatment, and fees to be charged at any time you so request.

You have the right to confidential treatment. Confidentiality is maintained unless you become an imminent danger to yourself or another person, and then only minimal information is shared to facilitate your or another's safety. Confidentiality also will be waived automatically in cases involving child abuse, child sexual abuse, grave emotional disability or criminal behavior. Every effort will be made to minimize the data shared with other professionals or authorities.

Sexual contact between client and therapist is not part of any recognized therapy. Sexual intimacy between client and therapist is illegal in Colorado and should be reported to the Grievance Board. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about licensed or unlicensed mental health practitioners, you can contact the State Grievance Board at:

Colorado State Board of Psychologist Examiners

1560 Broadway Suite 1370
Denver, Colorado, 80202
(303) 894-7766

Colorado State Board of Medical Examiners

1560 Broadway Suite 1370
Denver, Colorado, 80202
(303) 894-7690

Please feel free to contact the NeuroAssessment Centre with any questions or concerns that you may have:

The NeuroAssessment Centre, LLC
6197 Lehman Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719)-487-7943   Fax: (877)-321-4010

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