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Insurance and Billing

The NeuroAssessment Centre providers are in network (participating providers) with Tricare Insurance. We will submit insurance claims on behalf of Tricare patients as a courtesy. Insurance claims will not be filed to any insurance company other than Tricare by the NeuroAssessment Centre. Patient questions about specific insurance plans, out-of-network benefits, co-payments, deductibles etc. should be directed to the mental health affiliate of their insurance company.

Patients with other health insurance than Tricare may be seen at the NeuroAssessment Centre on a cash pay basis. Payment is expected at the time of service, and paperwork will be given to you so that you may submit a claim to your insurance company. Patients with no insurance may also be seen at the NeuroAssessment Centre on a cash pay basis. We offer Enhanced Patient Financing and are amenable to patient payment plans. Please speak to the office manager regarding such options.

Other questions about billing? You can contact Julie in our billing office:

Phone: 719-314-0131 (with Confidential Voicemail)

FAX: 877-321-4010


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