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New NAC Website Launches
  Wednesday, August 31 2005

We at the NAC have all collaberated together to bring you the new and improved NAC website. Our new address, as you see, is We are offering all of the convenience of the old NAC website, with a new style, feel and ease of use. We also have set up a Newsletter for you to receive about periodic updates on the site, special dates in the NAC calendar, and other events.

We have added new contact information for you to get your questions answers faster, and you can even send emails to us, when we are closed. Make sure you take a look around, and see what changes we have made. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to let us know on our  Contact Page.

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New NAC Website Launches
The New and Improved NAC website is now online!
Substance Abuse and Addiction
Addiction is a serious illness. Health, finances, relationships, careers - all can be ruined.

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